About us

We here at Evolution Electrical, value having a good work ethic, being friendly, trustworthy and approachable very highly. We want all our clients to be happy with our work and we’ll always do our best to achieve this. We recognise that there is no “I“ in team, and we certainly don’t try to squeeze “me” in there. From Matt and I being in the door, working on the electrical installations, behind the scenes there are things going on that are equally as important and vital to running a great company and we try to recognise that.  We know as a whole we are greater than the sum of our parts. So come meet the team...


“Matt-Chew (or even ‘Chewie’ as he is affectionally known by my kids – hey, does this make me Han Solo?!). Matt is an ambitious, highly motivated and determined young guy who, in all honesty, is more mature than he should be for his years.”

“He has the skills and qualifications to back this up, too. He has a vast range of technical knowledge and expertise in all areas of electrical work, and beyond. Fault-finding, data and CCTV are just a few areas he finds enjoyable!  He’s always got his finger on the pulse with new technology and tools.”

“Working with Matt is very enjoyable, in fact it doesn’t even feel like work a lot of the time! We share many of the same interests and this makes the days fly by.  The future is bright, and I’m looking forward to watching this company flourish.”

– James


“James is a big part of our team, taking on many roles, from being an excellent engineer to driving our social media platforms. James is a very polite and approachable guy with much varied experience in the construction and property industry. His eye for detail is very precise and he likes to leave a customer’s home the way that he would his own.”

“James is our in-house Masterchef winner (not really – he’s just an avid cook) and also a petrolhead. As well as working alongside James, we are also great friends and we share a lot of similar interests, which include building and restoring cars and taking them on trackdays.”

“I would say he’s like family to me and working together is something we always look forward to.”

– Matt

Suzi - social media

Not a full time role, but an extremely important one. When you see our social media looking all sparkly and shiny, then that’s Suzi with her magic wand making it so. A great eye for the creative side and always ready to catch a typo, too, Suz brings our personalities out into the big wide social media driven world!

Mel - finances​

Mel keeps our spending in check, and our suppliers happy and nothing is ever too much trouble. We love our work and we enjoy what we do, but it’s still nice to get paid, and Mel makes sure we do!

Ian - design​

Not strictly a staff member, but certainly a contributor to the team, he designed our logo, (which was no small task given how particular we are – you will find this trait also carries over into our work). Ian also put together this website and all the things that you see which tell you who we are, and we can’t thank him enough.

Want to discuss a project?

If you have a project you would like to talk to us about, would like us to come and quote for a job, or have any other type of query, please click the link below to send an email. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

07306 244 886